Packwoods 3.5g Packs Flower


What is Packwoods 3.5g Packs Flower

Packwoods 3.5g Packs Flower is a brand of curated, top-shelf, indoor flower that are known for their high-quality and unique packaging. Each Pack flower contains two grams of small-batch cannabis, sourced from top-tier California farms, blunts filled with all-natural tobacco-free wrap, and topped with premium kief. The pre-roll is then hand-rolled and enclosed in a glass tube for freshness.

Packaging and Design

One of the things that sets Packwoods Packs Flower apart from other weed packs is its unique packaging. Each 3.5g weed pack comes in a high quality package with a custom label that features the Packwoods logo and information about the strain inside. The package are designed to keep the bud fresh and prevent it from getting crushed or damaged during transport. The packaging is also child-resistant, making it safer for consumers and compliant with state regulations.

Packwoods 3.5g Packs Flower Strains

Effects and Potency

Packs Flower contains high-quality cannabis that is sourced from top-tier California farms. Each weed bud contains 3.5 grams of small-batch cannabis, which means that it is more potent than most other pre-rolls on the market. The effects of Packwoods Packs Flower can vary depending on the strain, but users can expect to feel relaxed, uplifted, and happy. Some strains may also provide pain relief or help with anxiety and depression, The foundation of Packwoods – curated, top-shelf, indoor flower.

  • 3.5g indoor flower
  • Accompanied by Boveda humidity control packs

1 Pack, 5 Packs, 10 Packs, 50 Packs, 100 Packs


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